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Design your own i-Cooking gas hob

During the development of the i-Cooking concept the focus was always on the fact that it should be possible for the consumer to design his or hers own cooktop.

One of the of remarks heard about the present cookers is that there is too little room for the pans. Generally this is because cooktops are designed for a particular installation situation. A cooktop should e.g. fit in a 60cm cabinet. This is resulting in a cooktop where the distance between two pans is 240mm at max. This is because otherwise the burners have to be too close to the edge of the dripplate. The next larger cabinet sizes are 90 and 120cm. The problem here is that 90 or 120cm cabinets can only be found in larger and thus more expensive kitchens. Cooktop manufacturers who produce for the masses longtime ignored the designs for the 90 and 120cm cabinets. The trent is albeit for slightly larger cooktops but the choice is still limited. The i-Cooking cooktop program aims to promote the larger cookertop. Perhaps your cooktop wishes can be fulfilled with a cooktop in our standard range. Should you wish anything in between than the i-Cooking concept gives you the opportunity to create a cooktop according to your own wishes. Obviously there are a number of conditions which must be met in order to create a good functioning and secure cooktop. The biggest limiting factor is the temperature of the various components and the heat they radiate to the environment.
  • You'll have to take into account the distance to a side wall or back wall.
  • The distance to the sides of the cabinet under the cooktop if the cooktop bottom sticks downwards through the worktop. An i-Cooking cooktop is 96mm thick and you need a free space of 150mm deep under the i-Cooking in case af a service call.
  • Not all worktop materials are suitable for a gas cooker. They cannot withstand the temperature (> 80gr. C) or are too brittle or fragile. Stainless steel, granite, composite or glass worktops are no problem.
  • The diameter of the pans you use. They determine the minimum distances between the burners.
  • Gas technical / installation technical constraints such as maximum capacity of your gas supply. For a 6-Wok burner cooktop you might need a bigger gas supply pipe.
As you see there are still some design criteria you need to consider. We have listed them for you in a pdf. So you can design your own i-Cooking, sitting at home at your own desk. The ultimate cooktop is now within your reach. If you need help then your kitchen dealer should be the first person to ask for advice. If there are still questions which your dealer can not answer please contact our sales office. sales office.